Student Teaching in the New Millenium


My name is Michael.

One of our Sages, Jonathan ben Perahyah, is quoted in the Mishnah, saying “Ahsay Lecha Rav.”  What does this statement mean?  This is popularly translated “Provide yourself with a teacher.”  It can also be rendered “Make yourself great.”  An interesting side note, the hebrew word “rav” is the root of the word “rabbi.”

So, what does this make me?

I am a student aspiring to be a teacher, but I am troubled by the lack of teachers who are also students.  This blog is my attempt to do both.  This place is about study and questions, my own and those who care to join me.  Jonathan also says “get yourself a study partner,” because we always learn better together.  Since all its ways are pleasantness and all its paths are peace, maybe studying together is the answer we’ve all been waiting for?

This is an open invitation to anyone who comes here to post questions and comments, regardless of faith or creed.  This is an open forum.  All that is required is a genuine thirst for knowledge and mutual respect for everyone who comes here.  All questions are precious stones and should be regarded as such.  Pearls are born of sand in the oyster’s craw.  Diamonds come from coal.

Thanks to all who join me, and to my personal teachers, who have all instilled in me the value of being a student teacher.

I am also a Jedi Buddhist.

  1. Hi Michael,

    What do you mean by “I am also a Jedi Buddhist.”? Anything to do with “Star Wars”?

    • Heh heh heh. A little joke, but if you could play around with a lightsaber, wouldn’t you?

      I think its more an expression of searching for the good, and being one with things. I was going for pithy, and a bit of pop culture seemed the way to go!

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