Student Teaching in the New Millenium

Big Bully?

In Exodus on January 31, 2012 at 8:00 am

Playing after school
that kid would come up to me
and flick my ear.

I see clearly now:
Leather jacket, spiky hair
and a knot of toads.

Is it big or small?
What would happen if my self
stood fast directly?

Parsha Beshalach

The Egyptians gave chase to them, and all the chariot horses of Pharaoh, his horsemen, and his warriors overtook them encamped by the sea.

Exodus 14.9

Why would Pharaoh send all of his chariots (ibid. v.7), and all of his chariot horses, horsemen, and warriors besides, to overtake a band of tired, scared slave workers, women, children and sheep?  Can we justify this behavior by saying the Israelites were armed (Exodus 13.18) and had 600,000 fighting men (Numbers 1.46)?  Were these truly fighting men, or merely men of fighting age?

Pharaoh took his chariots and captains over all of them (Exodus 14.7).  Does it stand to reason that there would be some discussion before a campaign against a large army, however ragtag it may be?  Would Pharoah and his officers have discussed strategy before setting out?  If the Israelites lifted up their eyes and saw the Egyptians marching after them and were sore afraid (ibid. v.10), what do you think that strategy was?  How long do you think it was discussed?

What do big bullies want?  What do the bullied want?


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