Student Teaching in the New Millenium

5771 B’haalot’kha

In Numbers on June 12, 2011 at 12:05 am

bad food, discipline
say one thing, do another
whine about freedom

are the levites here viewed as a sin offerimg before laying hands on the bull? are the Jewish people today a sin offering, not as a sacrifice, but as witnesses and participants? how do we realize joshua today?

why the repetition about the levites being taken for the firstborn?

why 25 and 50 as the limits of service? why not more or less? why just the levites?

is the passover allowance literal? what about those on spiritual journeys? what about the spiritually unclean? what does it mean to be spiritually unclean versus physically unclean?

why the example of God as drill seargent? does this serve to show the israelites as obedient? or are these the many people attached to the Lord? cn you truly attach yourself to the lord if you are stubborn and stiffnecked? what about hypocrites?

how did the israelites know both trumpets were sounded if they were made the same way and sounded alike?

does the statement about the trumpets end with responding to war in the land to discourage thhe idea of israel as aggressor? what does this mean for crusades and jihads?

was it ok for levites to mingle with the cloud? how else could they set up the tent for the cloud to settle on?

did hobab stay or go?

what does it mean to be israel’s myriads of thousands?

what did the people complain about the first time? why two sets of complaints, one general and oe specific?

is riffraff a subset of people or a derogatory for everyone at this point? what do the people really have to complain about aside from the burden of freedom? what does God expect, the people being ground down for centuries?

why just the spirit for seventy? why not the six hundred thousand?

how can the text say seventy elders were placed about the tent of meeting, but then say eldad and medad were among those recorded but werent actually there? what is the purpose of them being in the camp? why didnt they inspire a fervor?

why does God first threaten to force the people to eat meat for a month and then plague them at the first bite? is the compulsion to eat nothing but meat the plague? it says those wth the craving died there. did they turn cannibal on each other? if the people all went for the quail, why distinguish between them and thosse with the craving?

i wonder if God’s punishment of Miriam was just a punishment…or a riddle.


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