Student Teaching in the New Millenium

5771 Pesach II

In General on April 20, 2011 at 2:29 am

What is the distinction between the idolatrous priests and the priest who offered to Baal, et cetera?

Did Josiah destroy shrines to God and other gods? Or just other gods?

Were the priests who ate unleavened bread during the purge Israelite priests? Or other? Why didnt they approach the altar in Jerusalem?

Why did Josiah slay humans on the altar at Bethel? Isn’t this forbidden?

One translation says he put down the priests in Judah. Another says he suppressed them. Which is it?

Why did Josiah love God with all of his heart and soul after being promised that his nation would be destroyed?

I think you’d have to be a wealthy farmer to make all of these offerings. What if you were poor?

Why don’t the commentator’s suggest the Sabbath’s special treatment as a statement of the Sabbath’s importance? Or does this go without saying?

Does the parsha ask: how could we possibly do all of these commandments? Does Josiah answer: with all of your heart and soul?

  1. Great questions. So whoops we lost the Book of Deuteronomy and Josiah found it?
    Again we see our ancestors as lost as we are in a wilderness of words.

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